Rob J's journey of getting healthy!

My eatting plan 


Meats: Turkey, Fish, Chicken...If you eat beef, or pork you can but only in moderation.
Veggie are your friend!
Reduce bread intake!
No more than 3 diet soda per week!
Reduce fired food intake!

The key is all things in moderation...It's a 90/10 plan. You must make healthier choices 90% of the time. Think about it this way. If your percentage of making better choices is much higher than your bad choices, your GOOD OUT WEIGHS YOUR BAD!

Join me in my fight to be healthy...LIVE HEALTHY!


Take Health and Weight Loss to the next level !!! 

Moving it to the next phase. So today I had my Kale, Strawberry, apple, and green grapes homemade smoothie for breakfast. Lunch I went to Wendy's. But here was the deal, the Spicy Chicken sandwich had no mayo. That saved me 6 grams of fat. Plain baked potato, 0 grams of fat. Small chili, 5 grams of fat. Total lunch fat intake 19 grams. But that my total so far today because the breakfast had O grams of fat grams and no added sugar. My total calorie intake so far today is 310 ...calories. Now I still have an exercise class today which will be over and hour of Zumba, and 30 minutes of walking with weights. The Zumba will burn 1194 calories, and the walking will burn 246 calories. This does not included the workout after burn. 1 pound of fat equals 3500 calories. My workout will burn 1440 calories, plus as estimated additional 200 calorie after burn.

Without exercise a person burns about the same amount of calories as he/she should consume: 2,000. Therefore, the average person should be able to maintain his/her weight based on these numbers. If a person consumes 4,000 calories, but only burns the average 2,000 or even less, then he will gain about 4 lbs. per week. Alternatively, a person who consumes less than 2,000 calories and burns about 3,000 calories a day will stand to lose about 2 lbs. per week.

Join me family...You can do this to. I found a great exercise fat/calories burn calculator here

I hope my story inspires someone.

God bless,
Rob J
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