Coming soon! The J Factor Awards...A Christian Awards show for National and Independent artist, and Christian based business companies. Nominations will soon be accepted to muiltiple catagories...
  • Contemporary Urban┬ámale and female artist of the year
  • Rap male and female artist of the year
  • Holy Hip Hop male and female artist of the year
  • Holy Hip Hop Song of the year
  • Traditional male and female artist of the year
  • Praise and Worship song of the year
  • Group of the year
  • UrbanSong of the year
  • Traditional song of the year
  • Best┬áRestaurant
  • Best Marketing business
  • Best CD design
  • Best book of the year
  • Best website
  • Pastor of the year
  • Church of the year
  • Music video of the year
  • Artist Manager of the year
  • Record label of the year
  • Book store of the year
  • Radio announcer of the year
  • Best radio program
  • Best Praise dance group
More nomination catagories being considered...Stay in touch for offical nomination start date. You be able to submit nomination on After which nominations will be reviewed and then 10 nominations in each catagory will be announced on You will then be submitting daily votes to each nominee during 1st round voting. After 1st round voting is over. The top 3 voted will be announced in each catagory. The finial round voting will begin. The winners will be announced at THE J FACTOR AWARDS show! All voting will be on get ready!


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