90-10 update!

OK...I weighed in this week. And I was so happy last week with my 6 pounds loss. But this week the combination of cardo and more weight building burned off an addtional 11 pounds! Thank you Jesus! That brings my total loss to 140 pounds so far...Keeping it going...I have more to going and I plan to stay motivated to loose much more and keep it of and be healthy...Get in on my 90-10 plan and join my blog on www.robjmusic.com and learn what I am doing.

Here a tip...Start walking in place to uptempo music. Set to the beat, with a minium of 5 pound weights in each of your hands. Swing your arms with each step. Walk for 30 minutes 5 days a week for 2 weeks. The third week we will add more...

No eating red meat, or pork during the first two weeks, No sugar add drinks, or alcohol.

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