Healthy Living update! 

My journey continues...Join me! Here is a healthy tip. Try buffalo meat. It is much leaner and healthier than beef. Even better for you than turkey! Some restaurants now sell buffalo burgers. Places like Fuddruckers. The meat taste even better than beef, and is lower in fat than your leanest turkey meat.

Do you have faith or fake faith? 

When you step out on faith you have to be ready for many challeges. We have done just that with the upcoming CD release The Restoration. Remember that having faith means more than just say it. You have to beleive it and stand by it. Know that God has a plan. And as long as you keep him in it, you won't ever fail.

Healthy Living Update 11/15/13  

Yesterday was ruff. My exercise class was cancelled at the last minute. I really wanted to use that as my excuse to not exercise. But I forced myself to come up with a backup plan. So I did 4 miles. You see you have to learn that no excuse is acceptable for not taking care or yourself. I felt really good afterwards for making myself a priority.

love yourself,
Rob J

Healthy Living Update   

Today...I am excited to share that my weight loss and story has been offically published in The Hiffinton Post. I am excited to inspire through my stuggles. Here is the link to the published story.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/13/i-lost-weight-robert-e-jones_n_4086137.html

God bless you all,
Rob J

Healthy Living Update 1-11-13 

Remember that the most important thing to do when working to live healthy is to know that value of you! You are important. Make yourself a priority. Stop beating up on yourself. Your human and you will make mistakes. Healthy living is not only for the body but for the mind. Did you know that self-hate is a big party of the reasons that we make unhealthy food choices? A lot of us are in recovery, or need to be in recover from things that happen when we were a child, or bad relationships. We eat to escape…Read more

Healthy Linving Update 1-7-13 

Healthy Living Update: Weigh in today was great...I made my months goal even with the holidays! My goal was to lose another 15 pounds in December. A goal that I thought was not going to happen know it was Christmas month and that my exercise class was going to be off for about two weeks due to the holiday. Well I not only met my goal I beat it. I loss 16 more pounds last month! That means from my highest weight I am now down 201 pounds! No turning back ever...I am working for even more. My goal for my next…Read more

9-10 update 7-20-12 

Ok I loss 11 more pounds last week...Adding lift weights to my 30 minute walks and Zumba class is paying off...Make sure you stick to lean food choices for food. What tip do you want to know to gey started yourself? Let me know here on the blog...

90-10 update! 

OK...I weighed in this week. And I was so happy last week with my 6 pounds loss. But this week the combination of cardo and more weight building burned off an addtional 11 pounds! Thank you Jesus! That brings my total loss to 140 pounds so far...Keeping it going...I have more to going and I plan to stay motivated to loose much more and keep it of and be healthy...Get in on my 90-10 plan and join my blog on www.robjmusic.com and learn what I am doing.

Here a tip...Start walking in place to uptempo music.…Read more

90-10 update 7-6-12 !!! 

My journey continues...I even forced my self to exercise while on vacation this week. Suck to my plan which is more like they way to live. Enjoyed sugar free ice cream, a lttle pizza. You have to learn that portion on those not so healthy choices is the way to go...Go to my blog page on www.robjmusic.com and let's work together to live healthy. You encourage me and I encourage you!

Tip for the day...Start off by not going for seconds, then move to leaner meats...turkey, fish, chicken, buffalo meat.…Read more