Healthy Linving Update 1-7-13

Healthy Living Update: Weigh in today was great...I made my months goal even with the holidays! My goal was to lose another 15 pounds in December. A goal that I thought was not going to happen know it was Christmas month and that my exercise class was going to be off for about two weeks due to the holiday. Well I not only met my goal I beat it. I loss 16 more pounds last month! That means from my highest weight I am now down 201 pounds! No turning back ever...I am working for even more. My goal for my next weigh in is 10 pounds. I hope to kill that goal and then some! I want everyone to join me...Learn to do what I am doing and make yourself all the better because of it!

Here is a big secret to weight loss. Use crush red pepper in your food. It speeds up your Metabolism. Eat Turkey, fish, chicken, buffalo and lean pork for your meats. Less frying more baking and grilling. You can still have beef but make it once per month. You can still have fried foods but make it twice per month. If you have to eat something not so healthy for you only do that once per week. And even then portion size that bad meal. Stick with green veggies.

Here is another tip. Keep 10 pound dumb bells by your chair or or seat in the family/loving room. While watching TV do 100 arm curls in each arm. Do 20 over the head lifts in each arm. Do this daily. It only takes 10 minutes at the most. This is going to build muscle, which bruns more fat that your ever knew.
 Get at least 45 minutes of cardio in 3 days a week. Join a Zumba class. I did and now not only do I go, I now lead a wak arobic class. Get moving!

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